Stephen Rowe Has Heard Some Bad News About Nick Kyrgios

Feb 27, 2020


FIVEaa sports show co-host Stephen Rowe says he’s heard a whisper Nick Kyrgios “won’t be here in Adelaide for the Davis Cup” after the Australian tennis star was named earlier this week to play here in March.

The tip-off comes as Kyrgios was booed off court in Mexico when he retired hurt with a wrist injury.

Rowey told David & Will on Thursday’s FIVEaa Breakfast show:

“If he’s injured I’ll walk to China backwards, fair dinkum. A wrist injury, c’mon, please.

“I was told the other day he won’t be here in Adelaide for the Davis Cup. I hope I’m wrong. I hope the person that told me is wrong. I hope he comes here.

“He loves playing for the Davis Cup. I think that was the turning point of his warmth and season this year when he came and represented Australia under Lleyton Hewitt. He clearly loves that team environment.

“I hope he’s ok. I hope the wrist isn’t that bad and away he goes. But fair dinkum, it happens too often for this to be a fluke… he’s admitted he tanks games.

“The great Roger Federer has never not finished a game of tennis. Ever!”