Heavyweight Slams Latest Idea Out Of AFL House

Nov 28, 2019


Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has labelled as “stupid!” a proposal to cut AFL halftime breaks from 20 minutes to 10.

Kennett wrote on Twitter on Thursday:

"The AFL have just appointed 2 new mental health and wellbeing officers to address the impact of the game on players. Now suggesting to dramatically reduce the half time break to 10 min. What are they thinking? Who do they care about? Certainly not the players welfare. Stupid!" Kennett wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning.

"Given the speed of the game these days, after at least an hours play, and particularly on hot or inclement days I can't see how a shorter break can do anything but reduce the quality of the second half's play and players condition.

"Try exercising yourself for the best part of an hour and go around again for another hour. Not thought through in the interests of the players or the patrons attending the games. Stupid."