Footy Is Going To Change Forever And That Might Not Be A Bad Thing

Mar 20, 2020


Previously unthinkable changes are now on the table as the AFL battles to survive the coronavirus fallout, says Caroline Wilson.

On Thursday’s FIVEaa sports show Stephen Rowe said current conditions could provide “the correction the AFL needs”.

“It’s been run fat for years,” he said. “10 clubs in Melbourne, maybe they’ll end up with eight. At the end of the day footy is going to change forever and that might not be a bad thing.”

Caro agreed:

“Maybe we will end up with a shorter competition in the long term. Maybe we will end up with a grand final not always at the MCG. Maybe we will end up with coaches accepting that they’ve been overpaid for quite some time.

“All those things are going to be looked at for the future – high performance experts, the Tasmania push, those things are now seen as an indulgence really aren’t they.”

Caro also said a 20 per cent pay cut agreed to by AFL coaches could be “the tip of the iceberg.

“It could be a 50 per cent pay cut or more by the time the season gets completely underway.”