David Koch Runs Through Some Of The Long Term Changes To The AFL After COVID-19

Mar 24, 2020


Port Adelaide chairman David Koch talks about some of the long term changes he sees for AFL clubs once the COVID-19 crisis is finally over.

Kochie spoke with FIVEaa Breakfast’s David & Will on Tuesday about all the ways the virus is impacting society at the moment, including how the AFL will change in the future: 

“It will be a different looking competition. Clubs will be a lot leaner.

“I would suggest the lists will be a lot smaller. Currently you have 45 players on your list. I think that will be reduced. The soft cap will be reduced by a third I think …

"We will all get through this. The AFL has done a fantastic job. They are lining up financial support for the clubs to get out of the other side but to actually pay that support back will mean a leaner AFL going forward and the clubs will need to be a lot leaner going forward.

“We saw that yesterday with the AFL standing down 80 per cent of its staff. You’re likely to see that with every AFL club…”