Cornesy Has Come Up With A Radical Plan To Bring The Crowds Back To Adelaide Oval

Nov 15, 2019


Graham Cornes has floated the possibility of selling naming rights at Adelaide Oval in a bid to cut food and drink prices and lift attendances at the ground.

Writing for The Advertiser, Cornesy says:

Perhaps it’s time to sell the naming rights for Adelaide Oval. I could never accept it when Footy Park was named after a sponsor but times have slowly changed and now most great stadiums have sold out to naming sponsors.

Besides, there has to be other ways of increasing profit than by raising prices. And rising prices is one main reason why the fans will stay home…

It’s simply too expensive these days and with new technology and giant television screens, cheap food and drink, it’s tempting to stay home.

Attendances are falling steadily at Adelaide Oval. Something drastic has to be done to reverse the trend. Making it cheaper for a family to buy a pie, a bucket of chips and a Coke for the kids and a beer for Dad can only make it more appealing. If that means reaping a windfall by selling the naming rights of the Oval, so be it.