Brad Crouch Says He Knows AFL Players Who Will “Struggle To Pay Their Mortgages”.

Mar 26, 2020


Adelaide Crows star Brad Crouch says “players are worried” and he knows of players who will “struggle to pay their mortgages” when pay cuts hit.

Brad has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“There are definitely players out there that I think won’t be able to pay their mortgages… when you buy a house you think your deal’s set in stone. I know players that have bought houses recently that are pretty highly geared up in terms of how much they’ve borrowed and they’ll struggle to pay their mortgages, which is just the reality.

“There’s obviously people like that all over Australia.

“Players are really worried. There a lot of young players that that hurts a lot. The tough thing that’s happening to players is nothing from our pay so far has been cut but then in the next five months or six months then it all gets cut off that every month, so it’s not spread out over 12 months... it makes it hard on people who have got a lot of expenses.”