Another Adelaide Crow Is Expected To Leave The Club

Oct 2, 2019


Adelaide Crow Riley Knight has reportedly undergone a physical with another club and is expected to “commit” to an interstate rival.

Stephen Rowe told the FIVEaa sports show on Tuesday night:

“Riley Knight flew to Melbourne this morning: fact. He met with Carlton today: fact. He’s doing a physical and will commit. So that’s another one gone. A deal’s got to be struck, but that makes seven.

“Douglas, Otten and Hunter out is three. Jacobs we know is going to GWS. Keath to the Bulldogs, Greenwood, Ellis-Yolmen -- they’re done. Josh Jenkins has got to find a club -- he will. Knight is six… B. Crouch I think will stay, I hope he does. Eddie Betts still up in the air. So possibly nine just there, maybe one of them goes and there’s other players that need to be listed.

“Crows could have 12 list changes minimum by list lodgement one -- that’s retirees, delisted, and traded -- 12.”