AFL Boss Says He Is Open To Changing Name To AFLM -- For Men

Feb 11, 2020


AFL boss Steve Hocking says he is “all ears” to the possibility of renaming the league AFLM to differentiate it from AFLW.

Hocking has reportedly told The Outer Sanctum podcast:

“There’s a whole range of things that we’re unpacking that have just been the way they have been because of 160 years of football and I think that’s OK. I don’t think we need to necessarily be looking over the fence at one another and saying whether we need to add another initial to something, but if in time it’s something that emerges, we’re all ears at AFL.”

Regarding the suggestion, AFLW boss Nicole Livingstone said during the same podcast episode:

“It’s actually a really interesting thought process because when I am internal I do take the time to say AFL men’s competition when I speak and I say AFLW because I know that the AFL is the NSO or the national sporting organisation.”