Adelaide Crows Boss Speaks Out About Club Axings

Oct 11, 2019


Adelaide Crows CEO Andrew Fagan admits it was a “tough” decision to sack Brett Burton and Scott Camporeale but says the club’s football department needed “a freshen up”.

Fagan said on Friday:

“They’re tough decision on good people, but I think we know have the ability to set a really successful program and path forward. It’s not necessarily about those two as individuals, but it is about the need for change, particularly as we’ve got a new senior coach coming in. He now has the ability to put a new coach alongside of him of his own choosing.

“And then we felt as though the broader football department needed a freshen up.

“I’ve spoken to a number of players this morning and they’re really driven about wanting to be successful. They want to deliver the results that our fans want, they want to achieve for themselves and for the club. They’re passionate and that came through loud and clear on the phone this morning when I spoke to six or seven of our more senior players. They also understand it’s a pretty brutal industry.”