Vic Media Are Already Calling Sloane’s Exit From The Crows

Nov 3, 2017


Just hours after Rory Sloane told FIVEaa he was in no hurry to re-sign with the Adelaide Crows, some of those in the media across the border are licking their lips at the prospect of a homecoming for the Victorian-born Sloane.

Leading the charge is Kevin Bartlett:

“Oh no, Rory Sloane is gone,” KB wrote for on Friday.

"He’s out of Adelaide come the end of the 2018 season. That’s all that can be gleaned from his famous words yesterday, that he’s in no rush to sign a new contract with the Crows.

"The Crows would have loved him to say I’ll be a Crow for my football life, if only to save himself from a potential Tex Walker tirade.

“My early crow is Sloane’s coming home."