Tredders Hits Out At “Mischievous” Online Rumour About Ollie Wines

Jul 3, 2019


Port Adelaide great Warren Tredrea has lashed out at an online article suggesting Port skipper Ollie Wines could be dropped for this weekend’s Showdown.

This week an article titled ‘Time to axe a skipper?’ -- along with a picture of the Port co-captain -- appeared online and suggested returning players could “put the heat on Wines”.

Tredders told the FIVEaa sports show:

“Someone ran a story online saying, ‘Oh yeah,’ but it was a bit mischievous. It’s like, could Ollie wines be dropped? If you’re going to say that you’ve got to have some intel behind that it could be happening -- and then ignored it the rest of the column.

“I thought that was unusual. Hey, we might be wrong, but I thought it was a bit mischievous.”

But Tredders wasn’t letting co-skippers Wines and Tom Jonas off the hook, saying the leadership switch from Travis Boak may have “happened 12 months before it needed to”.

“At the moment you need a figure head and neither of those players are in great form,” he said.

“Tom’s first season in a long while down. Ollie didn’t start off great with an injury and form… but the bloke who they replaced is going career best footy.

“I know there was a changing of the guard but maybe that happened 12 months before it needed to…

“At the moment your two captains and a lot of senior players aren’t playing well enough consistently enough and that’s why we’re seeing yo-yo.”