Time To Start Paying Our Surf Lifesavers, Says Graham Cornes

Jan 11, 2019


Graham Cornes has called on Australia’s “vital” surf lifesavers to get some of the money that is being “overpaid” to a few of our other sports stars.

Writing in The Advertiser, Cornesy says:

“There is no more selfless or community-minded sport than Lifesaving.

“Every weekend, nippers, from as young as five, up to the veterans in their 70s, learn their craft and patrol our beaches. It’s a vital community service.

“Unfortunately, in this digital age, many do not have the inclination nor the encouragement from their parents to join lifesaving clubs.

“It is true that the sport of lifesaving does receive both state and federal government support but it’s hard to think of a sport that is more deserving, more Australian and vital to the community.

“The Surf Lifesaving SA website lists the many programs that the organisation runs. Some are free, others are subsidised, but all should be mandatory for young Australians.

“Australian professional sportsmen, and increasingly sportswomen, are ridiculously well paid. In the case of the Australian cricketers this year they are clearly overpaid.

“The fit and highly trained lifesavers whose role is so much more vital to the community, are volunteers.

“Does anyone else see the injustice?”