The Adelaide Crows Are Thinking About Resting Eddie Betts

Jul 10, 2019


Aussie Rules hall of famer and Port Adelaide champ Warren Tredrea says he knows “for a fact” the Adelaide Crows are considering calling up Tyson Stengle to replace Eddie Betts.

Tredders has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I had my challenges in my career… everyone goes through it.

“Betts is out of form. I know for a fact there is a discussion in the Adelaide footy club [about] Tyson Stengle… whether to give him a go to rest Eddie Betts.

“It’s hard having this chat, but we all know his form’s not where it [was]… bar a couple of goal of year contenders, he hasn’t got people trembling with fear like they used to be.

“He’s approaching 32, the ball’s not coming in as easy at it used to because the midfield’s struggling.

“But you’ve got a guy who’s tearing it apart, kicked 26 goals, I think, in the SANFL. Stengle needs an opportunity.”

On Wednesday morning Stengle was included in the Crows squad