“Rumours Circulating” After Bryce Gibbs Was Dropped For The Third Time This Year

Jun 7, 2019


“Whispers” surround Bryce Gibbs after the high-priced Adelaide Crows recruit was dropped for the third time this year, reports FIVEaa’s David Wildy.

Following the shock selection move on Thursday night, Wildy said on FIVEaa:

“I can’t believe this. Byrce Gibbs has been dropped for the third time this year. I’m not sure what the Crows are doing to Bryce.

“Gibbs has really dumbfounded me. They gave away two first round draft picks to get Bryce, he finished third or fourth in the BNF last year -- had a solid season… He gets a job in the second half last week against Melbourne on Clayton Oliver and does a reasonable job… and stopped his influence. What is going on there?

“He’s not a kid anymore, he’s a seasoned player. I just wonder what his mindset would be, dropping him for the third time.

“Rather than dumping him three times, make a decision on him -- you’re either in or you’re out… he’s good enough to have a role. He’s in the best 22.

“We did say there were whispers around, weren’t there.

“There have been those rumours circulating, too, which I mention. It’s unfair to come out and say what they are.”