Rory Sloane Shuts Down “Disrespectful” Question During Co-Captain Press Conference

Jan 22, 2019


Newly announced Adelaide Crows co-captain Rory Sloane says the leadership role did not come up in contract renegotiations with the club during the year.

“It’s a little bit disrespectful, I think, both to myself and the footy club that you think they would put that in a contract,” Sloane said during a joint media call with Taylor Walker and Don Pyke.

REPORTER: “Not in a contract, but is it something that you raised that [it was] something you’d like spoken about?”

SLOANE: “No, not all.”

Sloane said he only took the job after Pyke and Walker assured him it was the best things for the club.

“My first reaction was is this going to help us be a better team this year and help us achieve what we’re all here for? Both of them thought yes, so anything that’s going to help this team I’m all up for.

“Love this footy club, love the people that are in it… I’m continually learning. I’ve learnt so much off Tex… absolutely chuffed to be co-captain, being able to run out next to him.”

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