Robbo UNLOADS Over James Hird’s Norm Smith Honour

Aug 11, 2017


Herald Sun chief footy writer Mark Robinson has slammed anyone who plans to boo James Hird at this year’s AFL Grand Final.

“They’re cowards,” Robbo told SEN on Thursday.

“Every AFL player that announces they have mental health issues, there’s a wide support in the community and the football industry.

“James Hird suffered severe mental health issues and ended up in a hospital for three and a half weeks. If everyone thinks it is OK to continue to ridicule or abuse James Hird, I think we’ve got a major problem.”

This week the AFL confirmed Hird will present the Norm Smith medal at the 2017 GF.

“He was in a bad way and I think people close to James were thinking that he wasn’t long for this planet, and everyone says bugger him, let’s abuse him,” Robbo said.

“That’s a disgrace.

“What is he supposed to do? Live in a cave for the rest of his life? This is part of the rehabilitation of James Hird.

“The AFL instigated it and Hird accepted. It’s a chance for everyone to say OK, let’s move on.”