Race Director Reveals WORST MOMENT In 21 Years Of The Tour Down Under

Jan 10, 2019


Santos TDU race director Mike Turtur says a near-disaster in the Adelaide Hills was his worst moment in 21 years of the iconic SA event.

“A concrete spill near Strathalbyn a few years back,” Mike told FIVEaa when asked to name his worst moment in the race’s history.

“A mini concrete truck was turning into a steep driveway and spewed about a half-a-metre wide and half-a-metre high line of concrete across the road and the peloton were five minutes away.

“I was on my hands and knees getting wet concrete off the road because the bloke didn’t have a shovel. He had a concrete truck and I said, ‘You haven’t got a shovel?!’

“Guess what from that day on you know what’s in the back of my car.”