Port Captain Opens Up About Playing Former Teammate Chad Wingard

May 24, 2019


Injured Port Adelaide co-captain Ollie Wines says it will be interesting to see how his teammates go against former club star turned Hawk Chad Wingard for the first time, but isn’t expecting emotions to boil over.

“Nah, I don’t think so,” Ollie told FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday. “Chad was one of our mates.”

“We understand what footy is like these days. People change clubs pretty freely every year, so he was able to do that. There’s Jarman Impey also that most of us have played with. There’s no hard feelings there. We’ll just go about it and try and win the game.

“Not too much has been made of it to be honest. We’re about what we can control and what we can do out there.

“We understand Chad’s a pretty good player and he’s going to do some things at times, but we don’t put too much thought into opposition players at times. We want control what we can out there. It’ll be interesting to see how the boys go against him.”