New Details Of Adelaide FC’s Move Into The City Have Emerged

May 14, 2019


The Adelaide Crows have their hands full convincing “important stakeholders” about their proposed move onto the current site of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, but some more details about how the plan could work have now been reported.

According to News Ltd:

'The latest concept being thrown about by “those in the know” has -

'Aquatic centre being closed.

'Car parks around the aquatic centre being cleared and restored to parklands.

'Crows being invited to put their training ovals and training facility on the corner of Barton Terrace West and Prospect Road. The space re-created by the clearing of the car parks around the aquatic centre would then be wiped out by the new Crows infrastructure - but with no “net loss” in parklands space.

'Crows looking at the Caledonian Hotel to redevelop as the club’s administrative centre.'