Michael Voss Has An ‘Extreme’ Idea For The AFL Grand Final

Mar 14, 2019


Brisbane Lions legend and Port Adelaide assistant coach has shared an “extremist” suggestion about improving the “spectacle” of the AFL Grand Final.

“I probably have more of an extremist view,” Voss said on Thursday after he was asked about debate about changing the GF timeslot. “I sit in the basket where the grand final should be played in different states every year and states should bid for the grand final.”

“It would improve the infrastructure of our game throughout the country. I only see massive positives in being able to do that.

“So if you’re asking me whether we change the timeslot -- I think I’d be OK with that.

“The grand final has gone beyond being an AFL game. It’s an event.

“People come to it and it doesn’t matter where it is played -- people would go to it. If we can increase that spectacle… north of the border I’ve seen the NRL move its timeslot and it’s a great spectacle.

“There’s wonderful opportunities how we could make it better -- why wouldn’t we look at it.”