Malcolm Blight Is Furious About The Tayla Harris Statue

Sep 12, 2019


Aussie Rules legend Malcolm Blight says it is a “mystifying” and “stupid” decision to erect a statue of Tayla Harris for simply “being trolled by dickheads”.

Blighty said on FIVEaa:

“The most mystifying decision I’ve seen in my life thus far. Mystifying! She is getting a statue for being trolled online… One of the most mystifying things I’ve ever heard of.

“What about all the AFL players, all the SANFL players… all those players around Australia being trolled by dickheads… why aren’t they getting a statue? That’s how stupid the whole thing is.

“It’s lame, it is the most stupid, mystifying… what about the blokes? … If you get trolled it’s crap, we know that.

“This is something that I’ve never ever heard of in my whole life. It’s not an age thing, it’s a stupid thing.”

Told by co-host David Wildy he would “probably get smashed for this”, Blighty replied: “I hope I do because that means those people haven’t got a brain.”