Kane Cornes Says The Crows Should Get A Refund On Their Mind Training

Apr 16, 2018


Kane Cornes has trashed Adelaide’s mind performance program and targeted the club’s leaders after its shock loss to Collingwood on Friday night.

“Adelaide should ask for a refund. The program isn’t working,” Kane wrote in The Advertiser of the club’s association with ‘Collective Mind’.

“Yet again the Adelaide leadership group went missing on Friday night, failing to perform on the big stage when it wasn’t going their way.

“Walker was hardly sighted in the first half of the upset defeat at the hands of Collingwood on Friday night. His lack of presence and mediocre effort at ground level in the second quarter was obvious and not conducive to a captain’s game…

“Sloane failed to lay a tackle for only the second time in his 168 game career…

“Time to shelve the expensive leadership program and get back to basics.”