Kane Cornes Says Port Adelaide May Now Have A Battle Keeping Ollie Wines

Feb 13, 2018


Kane Cornes says Ollie Wines comment that he is “not comfortable” re-signing with Port Adelaide right now signals a shift in the star’s public position.

On Monday Wines told Fox Sports he would “look to sign when I can, but at the moment I’m just focusing on getting my body right for Round 1.”

About a week ago he said that he was really happy and that he loves the club and he doesn’t expect any issues with it,” Cornes told SEN.

“The language that he’s used, perhaps it says to me, is there a St Kilda or is there a club with money that has heard his comments from a week ago and said, we’ve got to act now and offer this young man an offer that he just can’t refuse.

“Is it a seven-year $1.2 million Dustin Martin-style of deal? Now that’s big money for what Ollie Wines has done in the game but he’s future captain of Port Adelaide, he’s hard and tough and give you quality.

“Something has changed in the last three or four days for him to change that language.”