It’s Time To Ease Off Jack Watts, Says Graham Cornes

Feb 8, 2019


The popular image of Port Adelaide’s Jack Watts is at odds with what is said in private about him, says Graham Cornes.

Watts has been in the firing line since video of him at Oktoberfest last year went viral this month.

Writing in The Advertiser on Friday, Cornesy says:

“Those who really know Jack Watts — like team-mates and club officials who deal with him on a daily basis — paint a totally different picture to a hapless, accident-prone, miscreant who some elements of the media and social media delight in bashing.

“‘He’s a great guy,’” said one. The flattering adjectives flow readily: ‘charming, charismatic, funny, self-deprecating, warm, engaging’.

“’He’s the template of the perfect team-mate,’” said another.

“It’s true that Jack Watts has been embarrassed by leaks on social media. Who of us wouldn’t be embarrassed if our intimate conversations and overseas shenanigans were exposed to an increasingly voyeuristic society?

“However, he is no degenerate or miscreant. He deserves the club’s support. He may not yet have fulfilled his potential or promise as a footballer but he has played 172 games in one of the toughest competitions in world sport. But more significantly he is a good bloke trying to be a good team-mate and trying to be the best footballer he can — despite the critics who would see him fail.”