Graham Cornes UNLOADS On Adelaide’s McGovern Trade

Oct 12, 2018


Graham Cornes

Graham Cornes has slammed as a “capitulation” Adelaide’s deal for Mitch McGovern, which saw the club receive pick 13 and Shane McAdam from Carlton for the wantaway star.

“So, another contracted player has walked out on Adelaide and gone to the club of his choice,” Cornesy writes in The Advertiser.

“It all seemed so easy. So much for making Carlton pay over the odds for Mitch McGovern, as the Blues made the Crows pay for Bryce Gibbs. So much for playing hardball.

“Adelaide essentially get pick 13 in this year’s draft and a 23 year old mature-age rookie in Shane McAdam.

“Did they even ask for Carlton’s first pick in the draft?

“Did they demand Carlton find a top ten pick before they would even look at the deal? Did they call Carlton’s bluff and stall till the last minute? Guess not.

“Yet the slight consensus of informed opinion seems to be that the Crows emerged with the better deal. All that Victorian hype which downplayed McGovern’s talent, durability and potential seems to have worked."