Graham Cornes On The “Demise” Of Bryce Gibbs

Jul 2, 2019


Graham Cornes offered a coach’s insight when asked on FIVEaa to comment on “the demise” of Adelaide Crow Bryce Gibbs.

Cornesy told the FIVEaa sports show:

“He is suffering from a distinct lack of confidence both from within and from without.

“Timmy Ginever will tell us the best examples of a coach being able to impart confidence to a player -- John Cahill made him feel 10 feet tall and the best player in the competition. I don’t think Bryce Gibbs would be feeling that at the moment.

“He would be wondering where on earth is his footy future, what’s my role? He’s not using the skills that he’s got. He’s got good hands, he’s not quick but he’s not slow, and he’s got beautiful disposal, and he’s got good penetration with his kick. Either he goes back and refigures himself or the coach puts him on the pedestal that he should be.

“There’s a couple of players in limbo at the Crows -- Greenwood, Fogarty and Gibbs. What do you do with him? You’re not going to be able to trade Bryce Gibbs… Bryce is on a reasonable contract and the club would need to on pay that.”