Former Crows Boss Steven Trigg Has A New Role In Adelaide

May 17, 2018


Former Adelaide Crows CEO Steven Trigg will lead a new advisory board that will oversee the Adelaide 36ers.

“A big part of my motivation is supporting Grant [Kelley, 36ers owner] because of what I see as an extraordinary investment and passion into the 36ers,” Trigg has told The Advertiser.

“I’ve been involved a little bit over the last six months and I think we can benefit from an advisory board, and if I can help to steer it then that’s all the better. It’s not about just going one step better on the court, it’s a whole range of areas where I think we can make a positive impact.

“If I can support Ben [Kavanagh, CEO], Grant, the administration team and the on-court team with my experience, then right at the moment I’m in a position to do it and I’m happy to pitch in.

“This is not my job, my role is advisory and to help Grant and Joey [Wright, coach] and the whole team.”

Trigg left the Crows in 2014 and was CEO at Carlton until last October.