Don Pyke Is Under The Pump After The Latest Adelaide Crows Loss

Apr 15, 2019


Adelaide Crows coach Don Pyke will be feeling the heat following the club’s latest loss, says FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe, who has compared Pyke’s record with that of former coach Brenton Sanderson.

Rowey said on FIVEaa’s post-game following Adelaide’s loss to North Melbourne on Saturday:

“I tell you what -- if they clipped Sando after two years of not making the finals, well then he’s got a blue flame right under his clacker that damn hot... End of story...

“This is all on the coaches for me. I’m sorry. They had eight days to get something right. Then they had six months and a pre-season to get something right.

“They knew it was going to be six and six. They knew they went in with two ruckmen. They knew at some stage that Jacobs was going to go down. They knew all of this and this is what we’ve got -- round 4, one and three, and we kicked 59 points? Please. Give me a break.

“I think the Bunsen burner’s got to go under the coaches’ butts… a big blue flame fair square under their clackers. Because they changed -- I’ve not seen that today. Today the way they wanted to play, the style of play was unbelievably poor, was never going to win them that game.

“Four games is a fair sample size. Round 1 they kicked 55 points, round 2 -- 88 points, round 3 -- 75 points, round 4 -- 59 points. They are 5.5 goals worse off than last year. That’s a sample size. That is absolutely pathetic.”