Daniel Talia Will Have A Knee Operation Tomorrow

Dec 10, 2018


Key Adelaide Crows defender Daniel Talia is due to have an operation on his right knee.

Mark Bickley reported the news on the FIVEaa sports show:

“They weren’t giving a whole lot, basically saying that that was correct, but with some other ringing around -- he’ll have an operation tomorrow,” Bicks said on Monday.

“With these operations you don’t know the full extent until you get in there. What I’m led to believe is it could be serious enough that it will affect the start to his season. He might just be behind the eight ball. He’s going to miss a fair bit of the pre-season…

“That is not ideal… bad luck for Daniel Talia.”

In a statement later released by the club, AFC’s Matt Hass said:

“He’s aggravated an old injury in an innocuous incident at home.

“The procedure will interrupt Daniel’s preseason and the Club will provide an update on the timeframes around his rehabilitation once the surgery has been completed.”