Crows Star Says Mind Training Helps Him See Into The Future

Oct 12, 2017


Adelaide defender Daniel Talia says mind training helps him predict what will happen in games.

Talia’s comments come from an Adelaide FC testimonial video recorded for Collective Mind, a business that claims to “harness the power of Collective Wisdom by accessing the ‘Flow State’… Through the Japanese art of Kensan, mindfulness techniques and Dialogue Circles”.

In the clip, Talia says:

“I’d never visualised before about my performance. I’d always just gone out there and done it.

“I now sit down before a game and visualise who I’m playing on, the situations I’m going to be in.

“It’s a pretty powerful tool. I feel like I can see a lot of things that are going to happen early in a game or late in a game and prepare for it.”

Josh Jenkins is also a believer -- despite some early doubts.

“I was probably one of the guys who had the most amount of resistance to mind training,” JJ says in the vid.

“It can be easy to drift in and out of a game mentally, and often you don’t know it.

“I’ve seen a direct correlation with my ability to stay involved in a game, and I’ve seen that purely through my disposals.”

And that’s not all…

Collective Mind’s co-director says the famous Crow stance was a product of the club’s mind training and was designed to “generate presence”.

“It has nothing to do with The Haka or intimidation,” Derek Leddie has told Fox Sports.

“It’s about training athletes to generate presence.

“It created a higher respect for the anthem, as well as lifting the team’s performance in the first quarters throughout the finals.”