Crows Coach Don Pyke HITS OUT At Josh Jenkins Rumour

Aug 8, 2019


Adelaide Crows coach Don Pyke says suggestions he may have had a physical altercation with dropped player Josh Jenkins are “disrespectful”.

Pyke told reporters on Thursday:

“If it wasn’t as serious as I take it, it’s quite laughable. At the moment what we’re facing as an industry -- and we’re seeing that with other people talking -- if people want to run with absolute fiction -- absolute fiction -- and put that into the mainstream and say that’s what happened…

“The concept of Josh and I being involved in a physical altercation -- it’s laughable but I take it quite personally because it’s disrespectful to suggest me as a coach would get involved in something like that with one of my players.

“And when that gets thrown up I go, where does we stop? Because we’re now at a point whereby we can just put anything we want out there and it sticks and it’s based on absolutely nothing…

“I’m 80 kilos, he’s 100 kilos -- I’m not sure how that’s going to work. If it wasn’t as serious as it is it’s laughable to be honest.”