Crows Boss Admits Mind Training Camp Wasn’t Ideal For Indigenous Players

Jun 14, 2018


Adelaide Crows chairman Rob Chapman concedes the impact of its contentious pre-season mind training camp on its indigenous players could’ve been handled better.

A report emerged this week claiming Adelaide “should be ashamed” about what it put star player Eddie Betts through on the camp.

“That could be one aspect that I would acknowledge could’ve been done better,” Chapman said on Thursday. “The people that were running the camp probably could’ve explored better ways of using some terminology that might’ve had an impact on our Aboriginal indigenous players… we addressed that some months ago.

“I’m not sure they were upset on the camp, but we acknowledge some of the terminology used by the facilitators… on reflection they would say, could’ve been handled better.

“Today they are in good spirits. We’ve put that component of that camp behind us. There are many good things that have emerged from the camp…

“I’ve listened to our players, I’ve listened to our coaching group, I’ve listened to people that were involved in the camp and many of them are telling me the wonderful things that they’ve taken from the camp that they’re applying in their everyday life… many are saying great things about it.”