Bryce Gibbs Opens Up About Getting Dropped For The First Time

Apr 16, 2019


Adelaide Crow Bryce Gibbs has spoken about the shock he felt when he was dropped last week for the first time in his 13-year AFL career.

Gibbs has told RSN radio in Victoria:

"After round one I certainly knew that I had to start stepping up my game and my performances and the next two weeks I thought I started to do that, lifting the bar a bit.

"Generally the feedback from those two games was quite positive so personally it was a little bit of a shock to get that phone call and to hear that’s the path they were going to go down and the decision they made.

"I suppose no one likes getting dropped from the side and I was no different but [it was] a decision I had to accept and [I] had to move on and I’ve just got to try and go back and do what they ask and hopefully I can find myself back in the side hopefully this week. If not this week then in the next couple of weeks."