Bryce Gibbs Is Unlikely To Play AFL Again, Says Mark Robinson

Jul 5, 2019


Mark Robinson says he will “be surprised” if Adelaide Crow Bryce Gibbs plays footy again after being dropped for the fourth time this year.

Robbo told Fox Footy’s AFL360:

"I think it might be over for Bryce. I hope not, he’s a nice fella, but everyone loses it at one stage.

"I’d be surprised if Bryce plays football again, but on another level, the fall-off has been so drastic that I don’t think he can get it back.

“I think the game has moved away from Bryce, he’s got smarts but his lack of urgency, he’s never been an urgent player, he’s been a really good ready and (has the) ability to find the pill, that’s not happening.

“So when that’s not happening, you can’t say ‘I’ll crack in, I’ll crack in, I’ll hit bodies’ -- no we don’t even have that."