Blighty Got Some Very Honest Answers Out Of Don Pyke About The GF

Feb 13, 2018


Saying he had been in “that boat as well,” Malcolm Blight asked Don Pyke if the Adelaide Crows coach had any personal regrets about the club’s 2017 grand final loss.

“Yeah, there’s no question,” Pyke admitted on FIVEaa.

“We sat down as a coaching staff on the Monday after the grand final and went through not just the game but the entirety of the week -- did we give ourselves and our players the best opportunity to perform? And then throughout the game, what was our messaging, what could we have done different, what should we have done?

“That’s the unfortunate part when you lose, there’s always the should’ves could’ves would’ves -- and I’m like the coaching group, with the players, we all learnt together.

“There’s certainly things I reflect on and say, if I had my time again I would’ve done some things different, which is all part of the learning.

“I’ve had the conversation with the players… I’d probably prefer to keep that between myself and the players.”