Adelaide Crows Coach Talks Team Selection Following Showdown Loss

Jul 10, 2019


The Adelaide Crows have vowed not to give in to emotion at the selection table after the club’s 57-point loss to Port Adelaide on Saturday.

Assistant coach Scott Camporeale said on Wednesday:

“It’s easy to be emotional about it -- that’s why we’re in the positions that we are to make sure we’re consistent with our message and take the emotion out of it.

“We’re all disappointed, especially in a Showdown, but we’ll make a calculated decision…

“If we look at it across the season, we’ve been really good in that area -- sitting top four, top five in terms of clearances and scores for and against.

“Those things are important to us absolutely, but Port to their credit are number one in the comp and they showed why they are on the weekend…

“We didn’t have our best second half, that’s the reality.”

“We’ll take about 28 guys up there, we’ll do some match simulation and main session…

“It is about finding the balance and that group dynamic.”