Adelaide Crow Bryce Gibbs Responds To Trade Whispers

Jun 11, 2019


Out of favour Adelaide Crow Bryce Gibbs has labelled as “unbelievable” speculation he will look to trade out of the club after he was dropped last week for the third time this year.

Gibbs has told 9 News:

“It’s unbelievable where some of these things come from and how these rumours start. I’m only two years into a four-year contract so I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere…

“The sun still continues to come up every morning so you’re right -- it’s not the end of the world. Just because I’ve been dropped a couple of weeks in a row it’s not that big a deal I don’t think.

“Obviously it’s a bit harder when the team has a good win and guys play really well. If I keep playing well every weekend it’s just going to put more pressure on to pick me, so that’s all I can do.”