Adelaide Crow Brad Crouch Rules Out Surgery -- For Now

May 16, 2018


Sidelined Crow Brad Crouch says there is no immediate plan to have surgery on his injured groins, but admits it is “definitely a possibility down the track”.

“I’m not going under the knife, not at the moment anyway,” Brad told FIVEaa. “I’ve been on a rehab program for a while and it’s not going as well as what I wanted it to go.”

“I’ve still got a bit of soreness around my groins and I’m pretty slow at the moment. I’ve seen a specialist over the last week or two and I’m also seeing a surgeon.

“We’ve opted not to go for the surgery at this time and I’m going to focus on the strengthening exercises I’ve been doing and doing what the football club and the physios and the experts want me to do. That’s all I can do at this stage. Hopefully I can get back later on this year.”

But Crouch conceded surgery is “definitely a possibility down the track”.

“At the moment my best chance to play this season is to keep doing what I’m doing and doing the strengthening program.

“There’s not a cut-off date but if it gets late enough where I’m obviously not going to play this season… round 15 or 14 or something like that it might be a chance. Even then surgery isn’t a definite. When it’s been a problem for a long time you’ve got to weigh that up.”