Adelaide And Port Adelaide Have Both Released Their AFLX Squads

Feb 12, 2018


Adelaide FC has selected a mix of smalls and talls in their first ever AFLX squad, the club revealed on Monday.


7. Jordan Gallucci

8. Jake Kelly

17. Curtly Hampton

19. Jackson Edwards

22. Andy Otten

25. Kyle Cheney

28. Cam Ellis-Yolmen

31. Patrick Wilson

34. Elliott Himmelberg

35. Matthew Signorello

37. Paul Hunter

38. Harry Dear

39. Tom Doedee

40. Ben Davis

42. Alex Keath

43. Reilly O’Brien

44. Lachie Murphy

45. Ben Jarman

“You’d suggest given the speed of the game that probably running-type players will be at a premium, but having played it a few times at practice the bigger guys come into their own,” coach Don Pyke said.

“For me, it’s a little bit like the T20 (cricket) when it started. Everyone was predicting the death of the spin bowler and it’s proven to be quite the opposite.

“I think it’ll just evolve. It’s an exciting new concept. We’ll see but I think there’ll be a role for everyone.”

Port Adelaide has also released their squad:

Robbie Gray 
Trent Mckenzie 
Todd Marshall 
Karl Amon 
Tom Clurey
Jimmy Toumpas
Jack Trengove 
Jack Watts
Kane Farrell
Riley Bonner
Joel Garner
Jasper Pittard
Dougal Howard
Jake Patmore
Jarrod Lienert
Dom Barry
Dan Houston
Cameron Hewett
Sam Gray