AFL Great Reveals Who He Thinks Is Better Placed For Next Season

Aug 21, 2018


Asked on FIVEaa whether he would rather be Adelaide or Port Adelaide heading into next season, Demons champ Garry Lyon had to think for a minute.

“Now that’s a question. Gee wiz that’s a really good question,” Lyon said.

“I would probably say Adelaide -- and that’s saying something... a grand finalist that didn’t make the finals.

“But I watched Port Adelaide on the weekend. I was so disappointed. I think we’ve fallen into the trap of looking at names and assigning them different levels of excellence and then the reality can sometimes be poles apart.

“I think that’s what I’m finding with Port Adelaide. I’m reading the names on the paper and I’m thinking they’re a helluva lot better than they are.

“Really disappointed with the way they’ve gone about it, but that’s not excusing Adelaide either. I think they’ve got some questions to be answered over what I think’s going to be a pretty searching summer.”