A Port Adelaide Legend’s Amazing Act For An Angry Club Member

May 13, 2019


Port Adelaide great Tim Ginever has dipped into his own pocket to pay for the membership of a frustrated fan who emailed him to say the “club is at crisis”.

Inaugural Port Adelaide AFL member Mary contacted Tim during the Sunday Roast on FIVEaa to say she would be not renewing her membership for the first time next year because “enough is enough and I can assure you that many others feel exactly was we do”.

An emotional Tim said:

“This is the sort of thing that creeps in. Mary, I want to applaud you firstly for being a member all the way since 1997. That is outstanding but this won’t help our footy club, unfortunately.

“Mary, I’m going to buy your membership next year so you stay on, all right. I’ll sort it out with the club and I’m going to do it because we’ve got to keep the faith. I understand your frustrations but not being a member doesn’t help our footy club. I’ll sort it out, Mary.”




Onya Timmy!