Pilko’s Heard A Whisper About Another SA Business About To Go Under

Mar 4, 2020


FIVEaa’s Tony Pilkington is hearing another South Australian builder will make a call on its future in the coming days.

Pilko said during his ‘Rumour File’ segment on Wednesday:

“Not good news. There’s a real possibility -- more than a possibility I’d say -- that another South Australian building company is on the verge of going under.

“Not the sort of news you want to hear. Loss of jobs and perhaps work that’s not competed and people who are owned money. Unfortunately within the next 48 hours you’ll be hearing about this.

“Another South Australian building company -- I’m not prepared to say which one or how big they are or what they specialise in but another SA building company right on the verge of going under.

“The decision will be made within the next 48 hours.”