Malcolm Blight Floats An Idea Following Andrew Gaff’s On-Field Haymaker

Aug 7, 2018


Adelaide Crows premiership coach Malcolm Blight says it’s time to introduce AFL red cards, and he knows just how to do it.

Andrew Gaff’s hit on Andrew Brayshaw -- there wouldn’t be one person in the football world that doesn’t acknowledge that was a hit off the ball and 100 per cent wrong,” Blighty said on FIVEaa. “I figure he’s going to get 6, 7, 8 weeks.”

“Here’s a solution. We have to do something about this. Fremantle were one short with a dastardly act. I’ve come up with something that I reckon we should start to consider.

“There are 258 living life members -- players, coaches, umpires, admin and media. They’ve all been in the footy game for a long, long time and I would suggest most of them have a fair go at what footy’s all about.

“I think we should appoint a panel -- 9, 18, or 27 in a roster system -- to sit alongside the score review person and adjudicate on red cards so we don’t have to see that idiocy again.”