Kane Cornes’ Port Adelaide “Spies” Report Back Some Interesting Info

Mar 9, 2018


Kane Cornes says two AFL officials received a cool welcome at Port Adelaide on Thursday, and admitted to a crucial umpiring clanger last year.

Speaking on FIVEaa, Kane said:

“My spies have been down at Alberton and Hayden Kennedy and also Michael Christian from the match review panel spotted at Alberton today...

“It wasn’t received that well. Michael Christian’s just rubbed out Robbie Gray -- Port Adelaide’s best player -- for a week. So he’s had to walk in there in front of 44 players, probably 10 coaches and he’s copped an absolute grilling from the Port Adelaide players.

“And for Hayden Kennedy, this is a man who runs the umpires and they lost Port Adelaide the game last year in that final [against West Coast]. The umpiring department has admitted that they got that decision wrong to the players today.”