Footy Rivals Have Some Banter Following Tex Walker’s Baby News

Sep 19, 2018


Old foes Taylor Walker and Kane Cornes have traded some sneaky swipes after Tex announced he and his partner are expecting their first child.

“Congratulations to Taylor Walker and his partner Ellie,” Kane said on FIVEaa. “They announced yesterday that they’re going to have their first child.”

Kane then put a hypothetical to his FIVEaa co-host Malcolm Blight.

KANE: “If it’s a boy, they will name it Kane, true or false?”

BLIGHT: “Kane as in C-A-I-N, the proper way to spell it… or the one the Cornes family did? I don’t mind the name actually.”

KANE: “I don t love it, but I thought it would be a nice honour… on a serious note, congratulations to Tex -- he’ll make a good dad.”

Meanwhile, Walker took to Twitter on Wednesday to pretty much rule out Kane as a potential name.