Warren Tredrea Says He’s Heard Some Whispers About Robbie Gray

May 1, 2019


Warren Tredrea says Robbie Gray’s month out with a broken hand might not be all bad.

Gray underwent surgery on Sunday after suffering a broken hand in the Power’s win over North Melbourne on Friday night.

Now Tredders has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I think it comes as a blessing. He’s not moving as well as he has been. I’m hearing little bits around -- still carrying a bit if a knee op, which he had in the pre-season was a niggle.

“And he got the [Charlie Cameron] hit. Absolutely that was worse than we’re thinking, so I suspect he might be playing with a bit of shoulder painkiller in that.

“I think the next month whilst it robs him, will freshen a bit of class up. And it will force Port to grow up without him.”