Warren Tredrea Makes Some Hard Calls On Some Top Adelaide Crows

May 15, 2019


Port Adelaide premiership captain Warren Tredrea says a number of top Adelaide Crows are not in the club’s best 22 based on current form.

Asked on the FIVEaa sports show whether injured stars Richard Douglas, Sam Jacobs, Paul Seedsman, Wayne Milera and high-profile recruit Bryce Gibbs were in Adelaide’s best team, Tredders said “not right now they aren’t”.

“[Milera] he is, absolutely," Tredrea said. "[Jacobs] no guarantee. He’s got a bad knee and he’s getting older. [Gibbs] been dropped. Not 100 per cent. If they can get back to their best… Seedsman on last year, yeah, but Seedsman on every other year we’ve seen him with Adelaide?"

“I’m going to be harsh here. At their best they’re in their best [22]. But my argument is right now we can’t judge them at their best when they’re not their best. Gibbs isn’t the player that -- he’s not playing the top footy we’ve known him to play in previous years, is that fair? You dropped him a few weeks ago.

“This is not to be disrespectful -- Josh Jenkins is a better player than Himmelberg but he’s not in the team. One, he’s got an injury but, two, it was form. The main issue was form.

“It’s all well and good to sit there and go yes, yes, yes… when you bring them in you want them to be at their best. Gibbs can be at his best and he can close the gap but he’s not playing 100 per cent best footy -- as best he’s ever played.

“There is upside but you’ve got to force those guys out of the team.

“For me Jenkins seems a fair way off…

“For me Adelaide’s forwards bar Murphy are struggling. I know Eddie’s had a couple but they’re not anywhere near their best. I thought [Tom] Clurey absolutely took Tex to the cleaners on the weekend… I still think their scoring needs to improve.”