Warren Tredrea Lifts The Lid On A Tough Call At Port Adelaide

Mar 6, 2019


Port Adelaide premiership captain Warren Tredrea says traded star Chad Wingard was “right down the bottom” of the players meeting the club’s culture standards.

Tredders spoke with Rowey and Bickls on FIVEaa about the club’s call to trade several high-profile players during the off-season.

“Why would you trade Chad Wingard unless [it is] his behaviours?” he said.

“I’ll probably get whacked for saying this but I was told by someone I trust that a couple of those players, and one was Wingard -- right down the bottom in terms of their culture. It was their discipline.

“Not saying they’re not great players. When they’re going, they’re going and he can do stuff that no one else can do.

“But if they felt they got to a stage where the message wasn’t getting through and he wasn’t trying to be the best he could be and it turned into a little bit ‘I’m not happy here’ then that’s why they made the tough call. They’ll live and die by that call.

“From what I heard I would’ve [made the call].”