Warren Tredrea Has Paid Some Big Compliments To Josh Jenkins

Jun 5, 2019


Hall of Fame forward Warren Tredrea has called Josh Jenkins’ return game after being dropped “absolutely sensational” and says the Adelaide forward was “the difference” in his club’s win over Melbourne last weekend.

Tredders told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I thought Josh Jenkins, for as much as he’s copped it, he was absolutely sensational.

“There was that piece of play where he fended of four or five blokes and was just dead set desperate. That needs to be the standard not only for he but for Taylor Walker and the other forwards to go, that’s how the best forwards play, when it’s either going for them or going against them.

“You need to be desperate. And your good and your bad, the difference needs to be your bad performance is a 7 or 8 on effort and not a 3 or 2.

“Full credit to Josh Jenkins. He was the difference.”