Warren Tredrea Has Been Asked About Ken Hinkley’s Future At Port Adelaide

Aug 21, 2019


Premiership captain Warren Tredrea says he is “not confident” Ken Hinkley will keep his job at Port Adelaide if the club misses out on playing finals this year.

Hinkley’s contract runs until the end of 2020, reportedly with an option for another year if the club plays finals this year or next, but asked whether he was confident the board would “hold fire” if the club finishes out of the eight this year, Tredders told the FIVEaa sports show:

“No. Not confident. I look at the big picture right now. Clearly the fan attendances are down… there’s financial issues around it. The other piece of the picture is ok membership’s down, attendance down, what will that look like in the 150th year… you’ve only got to read any comments from fans. I think Ken’s trying his guts out… but I think there’s a tide against it.

“Port’s biggest issue here is the cash flow thing is going to dictate what they do. And Kochie has gone out really hard on the breakfast show here on ‘aa -- ‘If you don’t play finals’ -- I’m taking: look out.”